Acclaim Health and Safety Accreditation

Developed within the construction industry & used by 28 business sectors in the UK

What is Acclaim?

In 2017 Capita took the decision to make its Acclaim Health and Safety Accreditation available to any organisation that seeks an objective assessment of its Health and Safety regime. This will be of interest to customers, buyers of services but also to C-suite leaders and boards (in seeking independent assurance of the systems they have in place).

Acclaim also has the HSE Laboratories Health and Safety climate tool available to test the personal investment your work force has in the businesses Health and Safety structures.

Who is it for?

Acclaim was developed in 2009 but was previously only available to Constructionline Members. However, it is equally applicable to any business that provides services to the public and private business sectors also across a range of business sectors in addition to construction.

Acclaim works to support the objectives of the SSIP;
To improve health and safety standards across the UK
To reduce duplication of paperwork in procurement

Capita Acclaim Acclaim Health and Safety Accreditation

The Acclaim process


Complete each section of questions, providing evidence to support each answer. An Acclaim administrator will then cross check your application. Once the application is complete, it will be passed to an assessor for review within a 14-day period.


As a supplier, you will pass this assessment if you can show you have the systems in place to adequately manage Health and Safety. The Acclaim Accreditation will be uploaded to the SSIP website - viewable by any buyer to check the currency of the certificates.

Please download this Acclaim 'checklist' and use it to ensure you are uploading the correct documents /evidence into the application form.


If the supplier fails, the assessment it will have been peer group reviewed by assessors and the applicant will be given guidance on the areas in which they are weak and need improvement before reapplying.

More about the process

The Acclaim Certificate is an alternative for the Health and Safety Section of the pre-qualification stage of most procurement process. This enables the supplier to spend more time on the 'specification for work' that your company has applied to undertake.

In order to be assured of the level of compliance with the systems identified, the second stage of the process allows the buyer to review method statements. This includes specific risk assessments, references, examples of previous similar work, training and available resources.

Once a contract is awarded, buyers can check suppliers are managing the work safely and check in to confirm the method statements are correct; that they have enough resources and managing the site effectively.

The level of assessment at stages 2 and 3 are normally proportionate to the level of risk they carry. Buyers have a responsibility to monitor suppliers, making sure they are working safely, in order to protect staff and everyone who may be affected by the work.

More about the procurement process

Why choose us?

Acclaim stands out because of its brand new question set and Award Winning formula with 28 Years of Excellence in Health and Safety.

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